The Supreme Laws


The Prophet Has Spoken

All Governors and Grand Sheiks and head officials that guide any body of Moors of any Temple of the Moorish Science Temple of America; He or she must be of good moral standard and a heart of love and their works must be of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. They are to imitate the Prophet in speech and teaching in any said Temple. They must not be under the influence of intoxicating liquors or any other harmful motive that will terminate to become detrimental to the organization. It must not be known that any leader is staying away from home or neglecting his duty at home or must allow the public to know of their wrong doings. They must forever live the life of Love at home and it must be known by all the members.

They must not speak rash words nor any profane language in the mildest form before any other individual because a leader without influence of good works cannot be a leader, and to be a real Moorish Leader you must study the Koran and the Divine Constitution that is handed down unto you by I, the Prophet. No finance business is to be opened with any group of members of any Temple by the Governor or Grand Sheik or whosoever in charge without the consultation of I, the Prophet. All uplifting funds, books, are to be issued only through I, the Prophet, because that money is to finance the Moorish Movement. The head of any Temple can maintain an emergency fund, which cannot exceed the amount of from 25 cents to 50 cents a week per member.

All public collections and dues also to the supporting of each said Temple and its domestic work. No finance books are to be served in any Temple except by the Prophet. The head of every Temple must by law obey the word of the Prophet, and if any leader or head of any Temple fails to obey these laws – embezzlement is his charge, and is subject to enforcement of the law by the Grand Body. And the penalty may be a fine or a removal from office, or placed under a very heavy restriction of the law.

Supreme Words of the Prophet, NOBLE DREW ALI